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Until we reach a critical mass of players to get the MU* started, we're reducing app requirements.  Here's what you need to fill out and email to us.

1.  +Finger information.
2. +powers/Racial information.
3. +powers/Class information.
4. +powers/Other Information.
5. Your stats.  Please note that we are not giving out any other Power Factors other than 4 at the moment.  Mostly so we have a level playing field when we open.

Current Player Characters
 - Ak'byrrah: A parasitic creature living in a human host body with a cult of personality.   Member of the Sign of One (Signers)
- Japheth: A lusty half-incubus cleric who spends his time corrupting mortals.  Member of the Society of Sensation (Sensates)
- Ichaerus: A mercane wizard with a love of trading experiences.  Member of the Society of Sensation (Sensates).
- Ix: A nimblewright whose creator was killed, and subsequently got lost on the planes.  Memember of the Independent League ( Indeps)
- Madivh: A githyanki pirate whose crew mutinied and chucked him off the ship.  Member of the Fated (Takers).
- Treble: A rogue modron artificer who sees music as the means to discerning the truth of the Multiverse's laws.  Member of the Fraternity of Order (Guvners).

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