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RPGMUSH and Planar Pathways' Journal
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Below are the 3 most recent journal entries recorded in RPGMUSH and Planar Pathways' LiveJournal:

Tuesday, February 20th, 2007
8:18 am
Newest Player Character
 Leneitai:  A tiefling tattoo artist (and last resort doctor).  Her bloodline is so dilute that she doesn't display the bad temperment most tieflings have.
Thursday, February 15th, 2007
9:44 am
Until we reach a critical mass of players to get the MU* started, we're reducing app requirements.  Here's what you need to fill out and email to us.

1.  +Finger information.
2. +powers/Racial information.
3. +powers/Class information.
4. +powers/Other Information.
5. Your stats.  Please note that we are not giving out any other Power Factors other than 4 at the moment.  Mostly so we have a level playing field when we open.

Current Player Characters
 - Ak'byrrah: A parasitic creature living in a human host body with a cult of personality.   Member of the Sign of One (Signers)
- Japheth: A lusty half-incubus cleric who spends his time corrupting mortals.  Member of the Society of Sensation (Sensates)
- Ichaerus: A mercane wizard with a love of trading experiences.  Member of the Society of Sensation (Sensates).
- Ix: A nimblewright whose creator was killed, and subsequently got lost on the planes.  Memember of the Independent League ( Indeps)
- Madivh: A githyanki pirate whose crew mutinied and chucked him off the ship.  Member of the Fated (Takers).
- Treble: A rogue modron artificer who sees music as the means to discerning the truth of the Multiverse's laws.  Member of the Fraternity of Order (Guvners).

9:38 am
Hello and Logos
This is the community for RPGMUSH.  Please post here as you wish, but be nice.  Otherwise the squirrels will come for you in your sleep.  Anyway, post gametimes here if you run a tabletop game, TP ideas, char ideas... the works really.

We need a cool logo for the community's user pic.  Please post replies with ideas/suggestions/entries.

- The Lady
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